Colour, Colour, Everywhere…

This little read is about ever-changing colour !

As you read this perhaps you are waiting for your car to be repaired; possibly you are at work enjoying a much-deserved break with a cup of your favourite coffee !

When you got up this morning did you take a moment to look out the window? Was there snow on the ground? – or perhaps a sign that spring would finally take over?

In our area we are blessed with so much beauty in nature; our world is full of colour. Just the other day I saw a cardinal – its gorgeous colour caught my eye. What is your favourite bird? Is it one of those that stays home through the winter months – or does it migrate south like your co-worker? Maybe you have only seen this bird in the pages of a book or on a television screen. If you ever have the opportunity to visit a bird aviary, I would recommend it! The feathers on each bird are unique to its kind – the colours more brilliant as light is reflected on them.

What about individual style? When you walk through a busy mall do you take note of the many hair colours people display? Lately we are seeing the bold blondes of Marilyn Munro and Grace Kelly- natural looking colour is becoming a thing of the past.

When you look at the constant changes that have occurred in colour, do you take note?

A few years ago our youth were visiting any salon that could assure them of silver hair – not a hint of gold. Have you seen teens recently, walking proud as they sport a shade of pink, yellow, blue, violet — or perhaps any of these in one section of hair!

Youth from Asia and Europe have been dictating the waves of fashion in hair and style. Movie actors as well as musicians, with their ever-changing roles and moods and who are so visible, bring about change. Who hasn’t wanted to look like their favourite singer or performer at one point in time? Novels, such as “Hunger Games” had the power to influence many in the world of hair colour!

Today there are many more choices in type, grade or quality for colour application. Some prefer a do-it-yourself kit, while many still place their confidence in the experience of a professional hair stylist. Henna and semi-colour seem a thing of the past, while demis and ammonia-free are things of the future. Direct stains, as well as bingo dabbers, kool aid markers and chalk may revisit. For those who want to maintain what was naturally given, sulphate-free shampoo and many of the popular hair oils of our day, help maintain that beautiful glossy shine.

You may have heard of techniques that bewilder ….. such as fading, prisms, chalking, kaleidoscope, windmill, balayage, ombre and more? Influences from nature such as your favourite bird, the colour of leaves changing which are displaying golds, oranges and reds, the array of colourful flowers, all give inspiration to the fashion world.

What can we see now? This past autumn and winter did you notice purple – and perhaps the word “ombre” has passed by your ears. Nothing seems to be “black and white” in the preferences of our day and yet, this is something you will want to be on the lookout for in the future.

“Sarah Barret: An Artist in Motion”

Solace Hair and Esthetics owner Sarah Barrett and her staff have gained a reputation for their dedication to their clients and for providing them with high quality hair and skin care.

Relief from the “daily bombardment of chemicals and noise” is the basic principle behind her choice of name for her Thorold salon and her choice to use low & non-ammonia-free and sulphate-free products for hair & skin care.

With over 23 years in this Artistic Industry Sarah has trained under Canadian, American, European and Hong Kong educators. Specializing in precision cutting as well as Corrective Colour. Extensive training at Partners hair company (80% African styles) and experience working with Asian hair out west has helped to broaden her specific skills.

Sarah is comfortable working with naturally curly to “impossibly straight” hair. In her career, Sarah has worked in countless trade and bridal events from Alberta to Newfoundland.

One project was maintaining some of the actors hair for the movie, Last of the Dogman, which was filmed in Canmore, Alberta.

From the big screen to the humble stage, Solace stylists have done the hair for actors in the V Monologues performed in Niagara, namely Cindy Williams and Sue Johanson

Excerpts from the Write-up of the June/July 2010 Issue of BizComb Up dated info Feb/2014

What’s next for Sarah Barrett & the Solace team? This March they celebrate 13 years in Niagara! This Spring Sarah will be creating a a vintage inspired photo shoot. Have you heard the buz about words like balayage, ombre, ibarra, pinwheel, shatter, platinum, dip dye, bright colours as well as the black & white looks, pompadour styles and more!
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