KEVIN.MURPHY is a fashion focused range of salon only, professional, hair care products that was created in the world of session styling. Whatever your hair’s texture, you’ll find the products that will make your hair look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk. All our products contain high levels of natural ingredients and we use high grade essential oils and amino acids for the ultimate hair and scalp treatment. You’ll see the effects immediately.

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Image result for neuma hair products new logoNeuma is another range of professional haircare products we carry. Neuma is focused on natural ingredients as well as the wellbeing of your hair. Neuma is free of all sulfates and parabens and other ingredients that may harm your hair and scalp.

Moor-Spa-Logo-2014  Moor Spa’s comprehensive face, body, spa and wellness line is inspired directly by the healing powers of nature. Our products all contain the exclusive Austrian Moor, a nutrient rich plant/flower/herbal complex that enhances skins health and appearance. Our products are not 95% or 99% natural, they are 100% naturally derived. Moor Spa is designated as a ‘champion’ by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in terms of product safety. Moor Spa assures that every product is truly 100% Natural Source. All ingredients are listed, as well as the natural sources from which they are derived.  Unlike some companies which claim to produce “natural” products, our products are completely free of artificial preservatives or parabens, SLS/SLES, colours, fragrances and petroleum derived chemicals such as PEG, propylene glycol or mineral oil. We do not test on animals.