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Covid-19 Reopening Update

For your safety and ours


Our team is very happy to start back to work in the near future! We have been keeping busy during current lockdown. Initially government and local reopening plan instructional courses, up to date Health and Safety as well as the most current hair techniques.

We are using this time before reopening to make even more adjustments, to finish up any remaining work and to welcome our team back  plus two new team members for additional training and to practice our new safety measures.

Along with the great news of our salon’s soon to be reopening, ( we are being hopeful) we are pleased that most Solace Staff members will be returning. Visit www.solacesalon.com to see team members photos, bios, ( still in progress) and to show them some Instagram and Facebook love!

What we’ve all been waiting for, our rebooking process! Here’s everything you need to know (and more) about how we are rescheduling  months of clients! We have been managing our future bookings, since 3rd closure! As you can imagine we have had to change things over a few times as we didn’t expect to be closed for so long. In the meantime we have been making plans to transition as smoothly as possible. We are excited to introduce two new team members Jessica and Talisa! As well as any new guests to our studio.

If you had an appointment booked during our salon closure, what should you do? As soon as we closed we kept information in booking system to contact any booked from previous and most current closure. We have contacted and entered (Clients) Guests on priority lists. ( missed bookings from lockdowns 1, 2 or 3. Many of those that were previously booked also prepaid in support of our Salon Studio reopening. We appreciate that and those funds have gone towards essential supplies for reopening. We will be contacting Guests that were booked between March 24th 2020 through May/June 2021 in that order. ( some have still been waiting for various reasons)

We will be using the information you provided when adding yourself to our priority call list to best accommodate Requested Stylist, ( or those flexible with whoever is available) yourself and your schedule. ( Please make sure all information is sent to solacesalon@hotmail.com

full name address email phone # flexibility of hours days and requested stylist(s) as well as any pictures or you now and colour without mask. Please be advised different jobs require more money time product or skills.

If you had an upcoming appointment in June/July/August 2021 that was booked months ago, does it still stand?

Guests with pre-booked appointments on or after Reopening date will be contacted to either confirm or reschedule your upcoming appointment. ( We do not cancel your prescheduled appointment. You must contact to cancel. )

If you haven’t heard from us, please reach out. Messages can go into files we don’t see or can easily be missed.

We thank you for your patience at this time! From the feedback we have received many are showing flexibility and know that these are unusual times. We appreciate that you are excited to have your hair done as well as catching up as we are!

Gifts! A few have asked if we can accept different kinds of gifts. Thank you for your generous spirit. We appreciate all gifts but ask that you keep in an envelope or container that we can easily clean or place safely somewhere until a later time. ( no dogs birds or snakes please) 😉

Again- if you added your information to our priority call list, now what? You will be contacted by email or phone. If you received an email to confirm your spot on our priority call list, we will be in touch with you to ensure you have been taken care of. ( We are still working out a new booking system)

Everyone has different needs- colours cuts greys covered, fixing home jobs, simply missing the hair and chat therapy. If you have been waiting it out and are desperate to get your hair done but won’t be in for a while, what do we suggest?

We welcome you to book with any stylist that has the soonest availability! Solace Hair Studio has a strong team work vibe. Our suggestion is that you name two stylists you are comfortable with at least in the transition phase. Or, you open your schedule up.

Over the 20 years since Sarah opened the doors she created a very hands on and sharing mentality. I help you, we help each other. We discuss shared formulas and suggestions to make for a more positive experience.

What about pricing? Each job is unique. Our skills and time are valuable. We use quality products. Please don’t pressure us to lower our prices. If you have a limited amount of dollars set aside for your hair, ( please let us know what your budget is. Perhaps a different service, or breaking up visits for hair goals, trying a first level Stylist or a different Salon is better to meet your personal needs.

If you are trying to book through Social media at this time, please go to our Solace or Facebook Instagram. We are very busy and don’t want to miss anyone. Please email solacesalon@hotmail.com or leave a detailed message with phone number! We check messages during closure once weekly. 905.227.3111 ( we will check messages at least twice daily upon reopening. Please do NOT call repeatedly. Instead leave a clear number with short detailed message. We will be happy to assist you with any hair care needs.

(Our online booking has been temporarily paused so we can manage our schedules and allow for extra time when open to disinfect and sanitize between clients. )

Once our previously cancelled and priority list guests have been taken care of, we will announce when and if we will continue this way or when our our text line, social media and online booking is live again.

Are you in need of Hair Products? We are still available for contactless pick-ups/ Drop offs or mail outs!

Please contact us to arrange a time that works!

By appointment only! We will be keeping our doors locked between appointments to ensure low traffic and help to keep everyone healthy. Current waiting time to book if not on list is varied . We get cancellations which need filling so please reach out.

We are hopeful we will be able to accommodate you in just a few short weeks if you can be flexible with day time and stylist. Children will be on waiting list no sooner than 3 weeks. To everyone new that has said they don’t mind waiting, We’re excited to meet you! ( We will book new Guests for cancellations if our priority list is unavailable)

A few more things before we get to the phone lines and start booking you in…

A complete list of our salon’s new safety measures will be posted shortly. Please read thoroughly! We ask you visit our Instagram and Facebook regularly for most up to date information!

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we move forward in our reopening plan. Please note, due to the new guidelines and protocols, your stylist’s availability may be limited. Depending on your stylist’s waitlist, we may ask you to shorten your requested appointment to the most immediate and urgent service (one color service + haircut) and book a follow-up appointment with additional time to allow for more creative work at a later date.

In an effort to help keep our air clean we are offering any willing to forgo their blowout and styling to use as a different service for a future visit.

We miss you and the exchange of encouraging conversation.

While we may not be able to give you a warm hug or handshake we can still enjoy our time together! We are so excited to welcome you back!

Thank you again for your kind messages. Your Love, patience, and support in different ways displayed has meant so much! Who’d have thought it would be many months over the last year and some since going through this reality.

We love sharing life with you. It’s important to stay connected.

Many have been through trying times through this. Loss of a loved one, experienced illness in uncertain times. Loss of employment or pay reduction. Dealing with sadness or depression. Rescheduling their Wedding, Funeral arrangements…Graduation celebrations ( welcoming s new baby, Anniversaries…) We look forward to catching up, giving you Solace at times of distress. And we thank you to all that have given us needed comfort!

So let’s all get back to doing what we love!

Spending time together creating beautiful personalized hair shapes and colours!

Much love,

Sarah and the Solace Crew

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